Will Darby for Nashua Ward 8 State Representative

On the Issues


The beauty of New Hampshire’s rivers, lakes, mountains, coastline and wildlife are some of its greatest assets. Yet, climate change, pollution and habitat loss threaten these precious resources more than ever. I will fight to conserve New Hampshire’s natural gifts, for example by supporting responsible energy and sustainable development policies.


With prices of almost everything on the rise, the economy is on all of our minds. State policies play an important role in making New Hampshire an affordable place to live and raise a family. I will fight for energy diversity, fair school funding and increased housing availability to help keep core costs down.

Reproductive Rights

A woman’s right to make private healthcare decisions is at the greatest risk in decades. As a result of the recent, radical US Supreme Court decision, the state is responsible for protecting women’s reproductive freedom. Being a long-standing supporter of women’s equality, I will work diligently to guarantee access to abortion, birth control and family planning choices in state law.


Public education is the cornerstone of an informed and productive society. I will endeavor to ensure access to quality education for every student. To meet this objective, all schools and educators must have the resources necessary for each individual’s success.

Mental Health

Mental health issues are worsening across New Hampshire, with a record number of children impacted. While important improvements have been made across the state within the last year, these must be continuously prioritized and reinforced to guarantee patients receive the care they need.


The right of equality for all individuals is the foundation of the New Hampshire constitution. I will work to protect these rights, including the freedom to make private medical decisions, the right to love who you choose and the right to vote in free and fair elections, to ensure dignity and respect for all.

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