Will Darby for Nashua Ward 8 State Representative

Keeping NH’s Environment Clean and Safe

New Hampshire is blessed with diverse natural gifts from the seacoast to the mountains with rich forests and abundant lakes and ponds. These resources are essential to keeping New Hampshire a state where families want to live, work and play. Our recreation, health and economy are intertwined with a safe and clean environment and natural resources.
New Hampshirites are already impacted by the effects of pollution and climate change on our environment. Warmer temperatures are shortening ski seasons, and forcing smaller operations to close, directly affecting the ski industry. This summer New Hampshire experienced another significant drought, especially in the south, resulting in dry wells and increased wildfires across the state. PFAs are impacting a growing number of communities across the state resulting in health concerns for drinking tap water. Another water concern is cyanobacteria blooms which make our lakes and ponds unswimmable for longer periods of our lengthening summers. And the build up of mercury in fish as a direct result of coal burning power plants make some of our fish unhealthy to eat.
I am passionate about these issues and will fight to preserve the health of our beautiful environment. For example, I will push for increased energy diversity to reduce our dependence on natural gas for electricity generation. I will encourage energy efficiency in homes and businesses through increased use of geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and efficient appliance incentive such as the NHSaves program. I will promote conservation of our natural resources and forests to aid in carbon capture. I will work to protect safe drinking water and keeping pollutants out of our water bodies. And support increased public transportation, including commuter rail, to reduce the amount of of air pollutants that result from commuting.
I ask for your support and vote on November 8th to help me help New Hampshire.